Food Boxes


The Owasso Foundation has partnered with Kings Foods to provide high quality menus that vary from month to month with a diverse range of food and meals. You may purchase as many units as you would like – be it one or ten – so the program can be tailored to your needs.

The Daily Bread Box is one of the offerings and is intended to feed a family of four for about a week.


How it Works

1. Each month a new menu is published online.

2. Order with payment is made online or at the Owasso Foundation offices by the designated monthly deadline.

3. Box orders are then delivered to the Owasso Foundation for distribution to our customers on a designated day each month called distribution day. Distribution Day begins at 12 pm and ends at 2 pm. All boxes not picked up by 2 pm on “distribution day” will be donated to a family in need.

We have provided a schedule of order due date and pick up dates below for your convenience.

Order Due Date Pick Up date
January 2018 1/9/2018 1/20/2018
February 2018 2/13/2018 2/24/2018
March 2018 3/13/2018 3/24/2018
April 2018 4/10/2018 4/21/2018
May 2018 5/8/2018 5/19/2018
June 2018 6/12/2018 6/23/2018
July 2018 7/17/2018 7/28/2018
August 2018 8/14/2018 8/25/2018
September 2018 9/11/2018 9/22/2018
October 2018 10/9/2018 10/20/2018
November 2018 11/6/2018 11/17/2018
December 2018 12/11/2018 12/22/2018



Recipient Eligibility

Everyone is eligible. King Foods affords families the opportunity to significantly reduce their grocery costs by purchasing restaurant quality food in bulk. Anyone can participate because there are no qualifications.

What we like to say is “if you eat, you qualify!

Please Note

If you are purchasing one of these boxes for donation to a needy family, please let us know by emailing or calling us at (205) 312-9183. Thank you

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